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Galaxytool Changelog

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v 4.5

   * language update for phpmailer
   * performance improvement when inserting existing reports
   * new check during installation to check tablenames for MySQL restrictions
   * changed misleading error message in player options
   * updated russian, finnish, dutch, swedish, taiwan, latvian and turkish language files
   * sorting of phalanx / irak corrected (integer sort no string sort)
   * added Astrophysics for DE, EN (rest still pending)
   * table sorting will now work also on pages where popups are used (extended report search)
   * adjusted allowed characters for playernames since ogame became less restrictive
   * added support for speed universe, debris rate definition and def to debris indicator
   * extended report search will now set color to red for fleet/defense score if no fleet/defense was scanned
   * added a hyperlink for reverse lookup of IP addresses
   * bugfix at admin section "delete reports where no moon/planet exists"

v 4.4

   * adjustments in language files
   * extended reportsearch will show colors to indicate to which level the report was updated last time
   * report depth can be specified at report search
   * database field length adjusted for better unicode support
   * show number of recycler needed also in standard search
   * galaxy search can now also search by player status
   * player statistics show the player status
   * player statistics can be filtered according to the player status
   * bugfix at "reset" button to reset the time in search forms
   * member table at allyinformation page now sortable
   * some mysql performance updates
   * changed login to support also GET parameter if someone really wants to store his password at his bookmark
   * better error handling when changing passwords
   * reportsearch with max fleetand max defense possible
   * severe bugfix that occured when a player changes his name in ogame but the changes were not tracked at galaxytool

v 4.3.7

   * added Dragosim as online simulator to reports
   * search for debris fields will now also find fields where planet was deleted
   * column sorting at extended report search works now also on further pages    
   * added slovak
   * form fields with focus will now change color
   * new load and save feature for forms
   * new phpmailer version
   * sortable tables for userinformation page
   * latvian report file adjusted
   * more user information
   * historical stats show now last 30 days instead of current month
   * userinformation now also shown on tabs
   * email is no mandatory field when admins create a new user account
   * report scantime as new column in extended search
   * changed the color of two entries at index.php to become more attention
   * search by rank or fleetrank now working without * at player or allyname

v 4.3.6

   * severe bugfix at admin options
   * planetname with special character problem

v 4.3.5

   * minor bugfixes
   * added finnish translation
   * changed the code to accept also reports sent with "ogamescript" firefox extension
   * Submitting a Galaxy view overwrote the player's diplomatic status - now fixed

v 4.3.4

   * Important bugfix at galaxyplugin.php that caused wrong galaxy view inserts.

v 4.3.3

   * language files adjusted for german, polish, spanish
   * bugfix for websim links inside the galaxytool
   * fixed a bug for reportsearch for specific date
   * Allytag is no mandatory field at register page any more
   * change timezone offset to -23:30 till +23:30
   * fixed "delete old players older than ..." functionality
   * bugfixes at report search
   * added bulgarian
   * added lithuanian
   * fixed a bug at galaxyview search
   * missed battlecruiser at debris calculations
   * translation for "LOGOUT" inserted
   * reports show now who uploaded them
   * current language is now selected at dropdown menu
   * fixed a display problem with techs at report-display page
   * planetname also sent to websim
   * websim language preset with galaxytool language (except turkish and hungarian where no websim translation exists yet)
   * if a user has no permissions to see reports, the ally- and playerinformation pages will now contain less information
   * admin feature to delete reports without an existing planet removes now also reports without existing moons 
   * added latvian

v 4.3.2

   * Changes for korean and japan to work with current ogame report styles
   * changed recycler name for greek language
   * minor bug fixes

v 4.3.1

   * important bugifx: Changing own player caused an deletion of the account

v 4.3

   * fixed problem with turkish reports
   * calculation of average techs is now correct
   * bugfix with expedition tech at own techs (was not stored yet)
   * more information at playerinfo and allyinformation page
   * added norway
   * added taiwan (traditional chinese)
   * added japanese
   * bugfix for english playerinformation page
   * show IP page only for admin user
   * link from user who are online to playerinformation page of that user (if ingame name is provided)
   * added playername to reports (if available in the system) to avoid problems with battle sims
   * admin option to delete players without planets in the galaxyview
   * admin option to delete systems which are older than X days
   * possibility to delete own galaxytool account 

v 4.2

   * fixed a problem with phpMailer
   * fixed display problem with historical stats graph
   * popup windows can now be moved around when holding mouse key pressed
   * possibility to be logged on to several tools at the same time
   * timezone offset
   * store userid who updated the report/galaxyview/stats
   * send own tech data to web speedsim
   * use alliance/playercolors for the coordinates at the galaxyview that show moons with phalanx and IPM
   * Search for "myReports" (works only with reports inserted with 4.2 and above)
   * renaming of admin account possible again; new admin flag introduced
   * allydetails now with new "tab" feature to allow more information
   * added more information at ally+playerinformation pages
   * created adminpage to delete some inconsistent data or to reset the galaxytool
   * added "back" button at register and lost_password page
   * changes for new interplanetary rocket formula
   * fixed a problem with stats pages where no player had an alliance
   * irak and phalanx range will also be updated when you upload data from your building / tech screens
   * fixed dutch probes file 
   * You must run update.php when upgrading to this version.

v 4.12

   * 0.78a allows rocket silo on the moon -> adjusted reportparser for it
   * $owner variable from attributes.php is now also shown at login page and not only at register.php 
     or lost_password.php
   * new technology will be stored at reports 
   * fixed admin email notification after new registration when using phpMailer
   * you HAVE TO run update.php when updating to this version

v 4.11

   * added czech
   * enabled korean
   * fixed some problems with lost_password + register page for greek, romanian and hungarian
   * admin account cannot be renamed
   * phalanx range at the end of a galaxy is now shown correctly (player + allyinformation)
   * phalanx range is better aggregated 1:1-1:10 + 1:11-1:20 gets now 1:1-1:20 (player + allyinformation)
   * phalanx results are shown in the correct sequence of the galaxy (player + allyinformation)
   * fixed a problem with fleet submission (old data was not set to zero again) 

v 4.1

   * Bugfix at allyparser file to avoid playerid 0 problems
   * added hungarian (should work with toolbar)
   * check toolbar version before updating anything
   * check universe number sent by the toolbar before updating anything
   * changed return content which is sent to the toolbar to avoid "unexpected result" in the future 
   * This update has no database changes no need to run update.php if you're upgrading from > 4.05

v 4.08

   * bugfix at galaxyplugin.php

v 4.07

   * bugfix at galaxyplugin.php to avoid duplicate entries at playerstats

v 4.06

   * small fix to avoid error messages when inserting reports

v 4.05

   * links from playerinfo and allyinfo pages to historical overview
   * added missing text to some language files
   * fixed resource calculation at player + ally information page
   * fixed large shielddome at polish report file
   * fixed ' in italian language file
   * changed italian battlecruiser name
   * emails can now be sent through other smtp server
   * search