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Update v4.9

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Notes on the update v4.9

If you update from v4.6 and below or it is the first time you apply an update to your Galaxytool, then you should also read this article - after that go on here:

Only the contents of the attributes.php file have changed compared to v4.8, the config.php can be reused from the previous installation.

Important: The file attributes.php now contains settings for the OGame version:

$OGame_3_0   = true; 

Set this variable to false, if your OGame server is still on 2.3.x. As soon as your OGame server has been updated, you need to change this variable to true again, otherwise the new highscores won't be shown. (For this re-adjustment of the variabale, no update.php has to be executed)

After adjusting all the files, delete all old files from the server and upload the new ones.

Before you start the update create a backup of the database. Use only phpmyadmin for this job. Mysqldumper will not copy the TRIGGERs.

After creating the database backup and uploading all the new files to your webspace, open the update.php with your browser, select the previous version of your Galaxytool and click on "Submit".

Note: After the OGame Update to v3.0.0, sending things to your Galaxytool works only with the AddOn v2.6.7 or above. You should get this version automatically via AutoUpdate-function of Firefox/Chrome. If that doesn't work, you can download the most recent version here (Firefox) or here (Chrome).

Note: After updating you may notice some issues viewing some pages. Please empty your browser cache in order to solve the problems.