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Bluetool is an add-on to Galaxytool. Please note: This plugin is deprecated and does not work anymore with the latest Galaxytool version


Bluetool adds the following functions to your Galaxytool:

  • view a complete galaxy on one screen
  • highlights friends (alliance, wing, ally, ...) and enemies (war, boycot, ...)
  • listing of all friends and enemies with current status (v, i, b, ...)
  • differentiation of all players in fleeter, deffer, farm, ... (extendable)
  • direct view of available espionage reports
  • highlight of phalanx ranges
  • flyingtimes of all allied fleeters to selected position
  • etc

Many options are adjustable.


  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Finnish
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Romanian
  • Dutch

Download, Documentation, Support

IRC-Channel of the Bluetool:

if you already have an IRC Client installed, try this Link.

For even easier access to IRC, use this Link. (no Java needed, loads quickly).




Bluetool comes with its own installation routine and does not influence your existing installation of Galaxytool at all. Future updates of Galaxytool will work as before. Shown data, however, will be drawn from the database of galaxytool, obviously. Additional data is saved separately.