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After completing the following checklist, you should have no problems running the latest version.

  1. Create a backup of your database
  2. Download the latest version and unzip them
  3. Upload new files and overwrite old files - the old config.php and attributes.php must be kept
  4. Make sure, the old config.php and attributes.php are writable
  5. Now delete your browser cache, so you'll get the most recent JavaScript files from the server
  6. Run update.php in your browser
  7. Select your current version from which the tool should be updated to the latest version. If your version is not listed, you do not need to run the update!
  8. Enter all required information on the screen in your browser - no need to manually edit any files
  9. In the last step of the update, the Galaxytool is automatically refreshed via OGame API - if this is not desired, cancel this step by closing the browser tab right after updating the tables
  10. After a successful update you need to delete the update.php and install.php files.
  11. Finally, remind all your users to delete their browser cache, otherwise things could look strange for them