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Toolbar Changelog

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For changelogs for versions newer than 2.2 see Mozilla Addons Page.

v 2.1.15

  * fixed zombie compartments - lead to high memory usage by Firefox
  * compatibility with Firefox 13

v 2.1.14

  * compatibility with Firefox 8

v 2.1.13

  * compatibility with Firefox 5

v 2.1.12

  * compatibility with Firefox 4
  * this version requires Firefox 3
  * some small adjustements

v 2.1.11

   * adjusted install script to support also firefox 3.6

v 2.1.10

   * adjusted install script to support also firefox 3.5

v 2.1.9

   * bugfix to regognize | character from planetnames to avoid problems at galaxytool

v 2.1.8

   * added a new compatibility mode to avoid problems with foxgame extension
   * added new locale HU
   * added new locale FI

v 2.1.7

   * bugfix for portugues language

v 2.1.6

   * stats are also sent for "own position"
   * works with firefox 3

v 2.1.5

   * small bugfix which removed the ALERT() window if you view a galaxyview which shall not be uploaded to a galaxytool

v 2.1.4

   * if you view the alliance stats sorted by member points, the stats will not be updated at the galaxytool any more

v 2.1.3

   * fix: alliance statistics were not sent correctly

v 2.1.2

   * removed leading spaces at names of players and alliances at stats

v 2.1.1

   * ogame stats can be read again (v 0.78c)

v 2.1

   * added debug functionality
   * removed useless html code from toolbar data upload to reduce traffic (allyhistory)
   * toolbar now sends the universe number (galaxytool will check against it)
   * toolbar now sends the toolbar version number (galaxytool will check if there are problems with this version)
   * you can hide the status window
   * you can specify which ogame pages shall be sent to the galaxytool
   * new pages sent to the galaxytool: buildings, research, fleet and defense (update own reports)

v 2.04

   * moons are recognized with ogame v 0.77c

v 2.03

   * using right-click you can now send reports manually
   * using right-click you can enter the options
   * fixed a problem with ogame commander accounts that had disabled some icons at the galaxyview
   * messages are only send to the galaxytool if there are reports inside

v 2.02

   * Made some changes to the toolbar to work with "partly" different ogame sourcecode (as in

v 2.01

   * bugfix when updating multiple tools at the same time

v 2.0

   * added portugues
   * works with ogame v0.77
   * allows to update several galaxytool installations for the same universe
   * removed the toolbar - added status window instead (to show several updates)
   * further updates will come (but the was an urgent release, 2.0 wasn't supposed to come out that early)

v 1.4.6

   * added italian
   * added danish
   * fixed bug with own alliance caused by invalid ogame HTML "code"

v 1.4.5

   * bug fixed for alliance statistic pages with less than 100 entries
   * different error message if no content was received by the galaxytool (previously "access denied")
   * Dots at statistic rank numbers will not cause problems
   * small correction at spanish language

v 1.4.4

   * changes for ogame-version 0.76

v 1.4.3

   * playerstats are now correctly updated (Update required for new ogame version)

v 1.4.2

   * equal to 1.4.1 but can be installed on Firefox 2
   * updatefunction of firefox can be used from now on

v 1.4.1

   * spaces at alliance tags are no longer removed by the toolbar

v 1.4

   * faster uploads
   * bugfixes

v 1.3

   * multilanguage support
   * uploads allyhistory
   * better error messages
   * fixed problem with disabled cookies
   * bug fixed when entering a galaxyview with 0 Deut.

v 1.2

   * fixed the compatibility problem with other firefox extensions
   * data upload to the galaxytool is now asynchronous, so firefox won't freeze during that time any longer

v 1.1

   * support for up to 5 universes
   * espionage reports can be send to the galaxytool (requires at least galaxytool 3.13)

v 1.0

   * basic features as inserting galaxy views or statistics implemented
   * requires username, password and url to work