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Update v5.0

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Notes on the Update v5.0

Before you start the update create a backup of the database. Use only phpmyadmin for this job. Mysqldumper will not copy the TRIGGERs.

After that upload all the files to your webserver.

Important: The old files in the config folder need to be kept. They are required for the update. You might have to set them writable.

After overwriting all the files with the new ones delete your browser cache and then open update.php. Now, follow the instructions on your screen.

Note: in the last step of the update, the Galaxytool is automatically refreshed via OGame API. If this is not desired, close the browser tab right after updating all the tables.

After the update has been done, delete the files update.php and install.php from your webserver.

Important: After the update, submitting data is only possible via logon token from the Galaxytool overview page. Submissions with username and password are declined.

Note: Bluetool is currently not compatible with Galaxytool 5.0.0.
Note: Every user of your Galaxytool should delete his browser cache.