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Channel: #galaxietool

If you already have an IRC client installed, try this link.

For even easier access to IRC, use this Link. (no Java needed, loads quickly). The client has a built-in translation feature. if you don't speak english/german, you should consider using it.

Please remember: The helpers you can find there are unpaid volunteers who enjoy helping you. Still, we can't be available around the clock. So please ask a question (so we know someone is there who needs attention), but keep in mind that it could take some time for someone to actually notice your request - this could possibly be even a few hours. Also note that most of the people hanging out there are from Germany and as such early evening in CET might be your best chance to actually find someone to be available.

contact persons

eX0du5 (de,en)
Omar_Hawk (de,en)
DieMade (de,en)
[BlueBird]Vinco (de,en)
Machiavelli (de)
Warnon (de,es)
iRIX (pt)

former supporters:

ThePatriot (de,en)
[Deut4You]Tr1nity (de)
Hunter0293 (en)
digilos (en)
Kalli (de)
StonedAndDrunk (de,en)
Dr_Jekyll (de,en)
Reemo (de)

new Board (post here)

Board (Archive)

Archive Board


Send an email via board form (board account needed)