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How to change settings or download the database

1. Visit the main page of the Hosting

2. Click on Request password:

3. Now, enter the email adress with which you registered your Galaxytool(s) and click on the button Request password:

4. Switch to your email account and click on the link in the mail

5. Now, you can set your own password:

6. Enter your email adress and the password that you just set and click on Login:

7. You are forwarded to a page, where you can set the following settings of your Galaxytool(s) (in this order):

  • Universe URL, which defines
    • Is it a Def to Debris universe?
    • How many percent of the debris go into the debris field?
    • Speed of the universe?
  • possibility to download your database
  • find out, how much money has been donated for this tool