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Google Chrome Galaxytoolbar Changelog

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v 2.6.32

   * Fixes for OGame 5.6.3:
   * fixed sending Empire view for moons (enery is now missing)
   * fixed sending the correct game language
   * new default OGame URL to match the new URL format 

v 2.6.31

   * fixed issue with AntiGame when sending fleet movements/phalanx reports 

v 2.6.30

   * reworked/simplified the fleet movement parser 

v 2.6.29

   * fixed parsing ACS attacks in Phalanx reports + some adjustments for the next OGame version
   * improved parsing the highscores in combination with the script "OGame Highscore Improved"

v 2.6.27

   * fixed parsing Techtree in OGame 5.3.0 


   * fixed parsing eventlist in case OGame eventlist is already present when page was loaded (OGame setting)
   * minor adjustments 

v 2.6.26

   * fixed parsing own fleet movements in OGame 5.2.2
   * fixed parsing OGame servername from OGame API in OGame 5.2.2
   * fixed parsing Phalanx reports which failed under certain circumstances

v 2.6.25

   * parsing Phalanx reports works again
   * added Chinese locale
   * fixed sending own fleet movements
   * fixed sending own planet energy
   * improved efficiency: OGame Servername is now determined while entering the settings instead of each time, when an OGame page is loaded

v 2.6.24

   * some internal changes 

v 2.6.23

   * reworked the OGame HTML -> BBCode parser
   * fixed parsing galaxyview for OGame 5.2.0
   * fixed parsing combat reports for OGame 5.2.0 

v 2.6.22

   * fixed issue with universe check, which came up with OGame 5.1.2
   * fixed several things for the next OGame version already 

v 2.6.21

   * fixed
   * new version of the oGameVersionCheck
   * some internal changes 

v 2.6.20

   * fixed submission of Galaxyview in combination with AntiGame which lead to errors under certain circumstances

v 2.6.19

   * fixed parsing 
   -- Galaxy view
   -- Allypage
   -- Highscores
   -- planet data; especially research page
   -- all kind of messages
   -- techtree
   for OGame 5.0.0
   * added OGame Version check
   * Techtree is now loaded in background, if something unknown has been found
   * changed the way, how dynamic content is parsed -> should improve performance
   * IMPORTANT: sending Phalanx View does not work yet in OGame 5.0.0


   * the bottom Save-Button did not work anymore


   * fixed display issue on setting page (occured since OGame v4.1.1)

v 2.6.18

   * added universe URL to output
   * updateded Portuguese

v 2.6.17

   * fixed a bug in sending Empire View: wrong planetname (undefined) was submitted
   * updated Polish locale
   * due to internal changes, Google Chrome 18 is now required

v 2.6.16

   * fixed issue with parsing Highscores in the upcoming OGame version 4.0.0 (wrong data was sent) 

v 2.6.15

   * fixed parsing US espionage reports
   * small improvement in galaxy view

v 2.6.14

   * fixed

v 2.6.13

   * bugfix: when there were many links in an ingame message, the parsed result was wrong
   * improved compatibility with AntiGame at espionage reports

v 2.6.12

   * Sync version number (and base code) with the Firefox AddOn

v 2.6.11

   * bugfix: own planet energy was submitted wrong in case it was higher than 10.000
   * ignore alliances with 0 members in alliance highscores
   * some small bugfixes and adjustments
   * several locales updated 


   * wrong times were sent at phalanx


   * submitting fleet movements and phalanx works again

v 2.6.10

   * fixed one security issue
   * dropped support for Galaxytool v4.5.4
   * improved execution performance 


   * fixed one bug at the alliance page parser: activity time was wrong (always sent minute="4")

v 2.6.9

   * fixes for OGame 3.1.0:
       - fixed espionage reports
       - fixed status window in iframes

v 2.6.8

   * fixes for OGame 3.1.0:
       - sending activity from galaxy view
       - sending own planet data
       - sending home planet coordinates from highscores


   * bugfix: sending highscores was defect


   * bugfix: activity in galaxyview and alliance page was sent wrong between 08 and 10 o'clock
   * updated some language files

v 2.6.7

   * mainly bugfixes/adjustments for OGame 3.0.0 which will be released soon:
       - fixed highscores
       - fixed alliance page
       - fixed galaxyview
       - added support for new BBCode in ingame messages: coordinates
       - read out energy from Empire View
   * fixed parsing phalanx reports when the cdn is active 

v 2.6.6

   * fixed parsing phalanx reports in OGame 2.3.1
   * adjustements for OGame 3.0.0
   * changed default css-values for status window, because of the new MMOnet bar
   * prettier tooltips at eventList/message page
   * some minor bugfixes
   * updated several language packs

v 2.6.5

   * fixes a bug with sending wrong time at eventList / phalanx view when playing in another time zone than GMT+1

v 2.6.4

   * initial release, has the same functions as the Firefox AddOn