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You will need a webserver with PHP and MySQL support to run this program. There are several free hosting companies which have this support but they have a lot of advertising. The requirements for your webserver are pretty low. About 10 MB should be enough to store 9 galaxies and some notices and espionage reports. For PHP you need at least version 4.3. MySQL requires Version 4.0.x (maybe it is running with 3.x). Users who want to use this tool just need a web browser as they know it from Ogame. It is recommended to use Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Epiphany or the IE to insert data into the database! Opera does not copy tooltips with copy and paste which are required. Konqueror copies the galaxy view with LOTS of empty lines which makes it nearly impossible to analyse it. So these two browsers are not supported by this tool!

Other Requirements

You will need a lot of time, or an active alliance which supports you filling the database. With the help of the Javatool you can copy a whole galaxy within 30 minutes. If you want to use the Javatool, you need at least a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4.2 on your PC to start the program. You need Mozilla Firefox to use the Toolbar which updates the systems and the statistics you are viewing. Without the [[Toolbar}} the statistics and alliance statistics cannot be updated!