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  • At least 10MB of storage.
  • PHP at least version 5.2 (PHP website) with dom module and multibyte support enabled
  • MySQL at least version 5.0.16 :: Until v5.1.6 you need the SUPER-right to install the database, from v5.1.6 only the TRIGGER-right - so having at least 5.1.6 is highly recommended!

Note (MySQL)

Some versions of MySQL in the above range DO have troubles with a particular query, if your particular MySQL has that bug, Alliance and Player Statistics will not be updated correctly with the GalaxyTool Plugin. We are working on notifications of this problem to fix the installation script and check MySql versions that do not work with GalaxyTool.

Free Hosting Services

There are several free hosting companies which will support an installation but they have a lot of advertising, and are not recommended. For an overview of webspace hosters offering both PHP and MySQL services and that were tested by GalaxyTool users please take a look at hosting providers and the Galaxytool.

Official hosting offer by eX0du5

If you are not familiar with hosting services, you can use eX0du5's free hosting at You will not need to update the galaxytool there, it will be done automatically for you. Anyway space is limited, so registrations will not always be open.

Supported Browsers

Requirements for getting in the web interface

Any modern browser that allows cookies should work. Besides you should not block, otherwise any Dojo User-Interface (including start page) won't work. Tested browsers:

Requirements for updating the data in the GalaxyTool

Through the Browser Extension (strongly recommended)

It is only possible to fill the database with the Firefox Extension or the Google Chrome AddOn.


You will need a lot of time, or an active alliance which supports you filling in the database.