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Toolbar usage (Firefox)

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Now that you've installed Galaxytoolbar 2.0 You're ready to use it!

Updating Galaxies

To upload galaxy data to your Galaxy, just view the Galaxy. Pay special attention to your status window within ogame.

Upon viewing the galaxyview has finished loading completely you should see:

Gtp u1.jpg

Once it says the information is updated, you're ready to change views.

Gtp u2.jpg

Updating Statistics

Updating statistics is done much like updating galaxies, upon viewing the statistics, you will see they're found, and that they've finished updating.

Gtp u3.jpg

Gtp u4.jpg

Uploading Espionage Reports

One of the new features of the plugin is the ability to automatically upload your espionage reports.

Please make sure you don't have the truncated view option selected in your ogame options for this to work.

Upon clicking on "Messages" in your ogame menu, the reports should be uploaded automatically, and you should receive a status update.

Gtp u5.jpg

Disabling Automatic Espionage Report Upload

You may enable/disable automatic uploading of espionage reports via the Galaxyplugin options in the

Gtp options.png

Manual uploading of espionage reports

New with version 2.03 of the toobar:

To upload espionage reports with automatic report uploading disabled, you may right click on your browser window and choose to manually upload your reports. Please note that you must of course be on your messages window for this function to work.


Enable debugging functionality

Sometimes it is helpful to activate the debug printout to allow developer or supporter to analyze the problem. In this case you need to activate the debugging at your toolbar options.


After that you can view every page as usual but you will get a lot more information.


Please remove your password from the printout if you submit those information to anybody.