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User options

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At this page you can change all the settings of your Galaxytool account.

User options

Here change your password, ingame name, alliance tag, your skin (by changing the styles.css), your email address, the number of entries in the statistics list, your default language and the status of the two information boxes at the overview page. Besides you can adjust the timezone offset to the OGame server as well as the timezone offset to the Galaxytool server. On top of that you can delete your Galaxytool account here. If you delete your account, your ingame messages and combat reports will be deleted as well.

User options1.png


You can also define some additional links for the left menu in the Tab "Links". You can do this by adding new lines and enter the link like this:


User options2.png

The links of the user with the status 'is_admin' are inherited, so every user of your Galaxytool can see them on top of their own links below "Miscellaneous".

Export colors

For BB Export you need to define some colors which are used at your board. This is done at the BB-Code Tab.

User options3.png


In the Tab "Authorizations" you can see your own permissions in the Galaxytool.

User options4.png


On top of that, you can delete all fleet movements and your combat reports, ingame messages older than x on this tab.

User options5.png