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Alliance information

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Click on an alliance name anywhere in the Galaxytool to see this page. You will get six tabs which contain information about the currently selected alliance.

The information here depend heavily on the uploaded reports of that player! If you have no reports available you will get only limited information.

Details tab

Here you will get a short overview about the alliance. You will see the ranks, also all known planets and moons of its members. Furthermore you will see the phalanx area for this alliance which is the sum of all its members phalanx ranges.


A short list which contains each member of that alliance together with their ranks. If you click on any of that players you will see the Playerinformation


Here you can see how many resources the alliance produces per hours / day / week / 30 days. You need reports of any member of that alliance to see information at that tab.


Here you will see a pie chart which shows the score distribution for this alliance.


Here you will see a fleet overview which is the sum of all available reports for this alliance. If you have no reports, no useful data will be displayed.


View the alliance average techs at this tab.