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Player information

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Click on a playername anywhere in the Galaxytool to see this page. You will get seven tabs which contain information about the currently selected player.

The information here depend heavily on the uploaded espionage reports of that player! If you have no espionage reports available you will get only limited information.

Details tab

Here you will get a short overview about the player, his / her alliance and the players rank. Also all known planets and notices. Furthermore you will see to which alliances that player belonged in the past. On top of that, you'll see if you have received Ingame Messages of that player.

Player information1.png


Here you can see how many resources the player produces per hours / day / week / 30 days. You need reports of that player to see information at that tab.


Here you will see a fleet overview which is the sum of all available reports for this player. If you have no reports, no useful data will be displayed.


View the player techs at this tab.

Planets and Moon Tab

This view is similar to the "empire" view of the ogame commander feature. You will see all planets together with the resources, buildings and defence.


This shows the online times of the player - these times are collected from various sources of the game (galaxy view, espionage actions, combat report, player messages, alliance page, manual insertions). Besides, you can choose between week view and 24 hours view, restrict it to a timeframe, and choose the week days, from which you want to see the activity times. On top of that, you can report the activity times from that player on this page, for example for non-universe activities, like IRC or the OGame board.

Player information2.png

What do the values at the axes mean?

The higher the value for a bar (y-axis) at a special time (x-axis), the more probable is it, that the player is online at that time.