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Ingame Messages

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At this page, all the Ingame messages that you have uploaded so far are shown. In order to use this page, the setting "Submit also the contents of player messages" at the Firefox AddOn has to be enabled. This setting is disabled by default.

Ingame Messages.png

Filter Ingame Messages

The saved ingame messages can be filtered, so you easily find the desired entries. If you double click on a playername in the table, the name is added to the filter. The same happens with the subject of the message. If you double click on the date/time field, only the date is added to the filter. When filtering the ingame messages you can also use wildcards (*). If you want to open the filter manually, you can click on the Filter.png symbol.

Delete Ingame Messages

If you want to delete a message, simply click on the trash button Trash.png. If you want to delete all your ingame messages, visit the User options. On this page, you'll find the possibility to do so. Besides, all your ingame messages are deleted, when deleting your Galaxytool account.

Publish Ingame Messages

It is possible to share your ingame messages with all users in the Galaxytool. To share a single message, click on the publish button Share.png. After that, the message content is added to the notice text of that player. This could look like this:

Ingame Messages Notices.png