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Combat Reports

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Here you'll find the possibility to show and search for all the combat reports that have been uploaded so far. Besides you can let the Galaxytool summarize all shown combat reports.

To be able to use this page you have to enable the setting "Submit short CRs" in the Firefox AddOn. On top of that, the galaxyviews of the attacker/defender may not be older than 7 days, otherwise the Galaxytool will refuse the combat report.

Combat reports.png

Search for combat reports

Combat reports can be filtered by Attacker, Defender, Owner (the one who uploaded the CR), Coordinates and Date. Besides it is possible to specify, if you search for public or private (so your own) CRs. If you click on "Go" without parameters, all of your combat reports and all the public ones are shown. At the Attacker and Defender-field, a auto-complete feature is provided. To insert coordinate-ranges, simply use the helper, that you can open with a click on the Application windows up.png-button.

Delete combat reports

It is possible to delete single combat reports as well as multiple combat reports at the same time. To delete a single combat report, select the one that you want to delete. After that, click on the trash button Trash.png within the combat report. If you want to delete multiple CRs at the same time, tick the checkboxes at the corresponding combat reports and click on the delete button below the table. All selected CRs will be deleted. Of course, you can only delete your own combat reports. For deleting all your combat reports, visit the User options-page. There, you'll find the possibility to do so.

Publish combat reports

You can also make your combat reports public. To do so, you can perform the same steps as if you were deleting them, but instead of pushing the delete button, you have to push the publish-button Share.png. To make them private again, simply click on the striked publish button Unshare.png. A public combat report can be seen by all users of the Galaxytool.

Summarize combat reports

First perform a search and filter for the combat reports, that you would like to see summarized. After that simply click on "Check all" or use the checkboxes in front of each combat report entry in the table to select the ones that should be summarized. Then, you will see something like this below the table (instead of a CR):

Combat reports summary.png

Download as CSV

If you want to download the combat reports as csv file in order to run your own analysis on the combat reports, simply perform a search and click on the Download.png-button. Or if you want to get all CRs, you have to click on that button without performing a search.