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Fleet movements

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At the Fleet movements page you can see, what kind of fleets are currently flying in your universe. Of course those information have to be submitted to the Galaxytool by the Firefox AddOn (automatically) from Phalanx reports or (manually) from the eventList of OGame before.

After that, it could look like this:


As you can see, the arrival time of the fleet is visible at each entry on the left side.

Next to the arrival time is the mission of the fleet.

Beside, there is an image which should indicate, whether the origin is a planet Planet.png or a moon Moon.png. If this could not be determined, a question mark symbol Questionmark.png is shown. On mouseover of this symbol is the planet name.

Next to it, there is the player name (including diplomatic status) and the coordinates of the origin.

In the middle of each entry, there is a symbol, which should indicate, in which direction the fleet flies. If you mouseover this symbol, you'll see the contents of the fleet. If you click on the symbol, an additional page will open. This additional page provides also links to Speedsim and Dragosim.

At the right side of each entry, a trash symbol Trash.png is shown. If you click on this symbol, the entry is deleted. This symbol is only shown, if you have the permission to delete things in Galaxytool.

Single fleet view

As described before, you get to this page after clicking on the Spaceship left.png or the Spaceship right.png symbol. This looks like that:

Single fleet.png

Here you'll see the same information as on the overview page, but the fleet content is displayed completely. Besides there are links to SpeedSim and DragoSim, so you can simulate combats with this fleet. On top of that, you can copy the link to this page, if you want to show someone a specific fleet.

In case of an ACS Attack, the page looks like that:

Acs fleet.png

Any fleet which belongs to the ACS Attack is shown. Besides there is a link to DragoSim to simulate the whole ACS Attack. A link to SpeedSim is currently not possible, because SpeedSim doesn't support ACS Attack fleets via GET parameters.

Fleets in Galaxyview

The Fleets are also shown in the Galaxyview of the Galaxytool. More information at the corresponding wiki page.