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The first thing you will see when you are logged in is the overview.

Activation overview

First, there is a box which shows, if there are accounts, that have to be unlocked. This box will only be shown to users with the usermanagement permission.

Overview activation.png


Then you got the 'shoutbox'. This is like a chat area for your Galaxytool. Here people can talk about your Galaxytool. And about any other thing around there. You can edit the number of shown messages. in /config/attributes.php (Note that older messages are deleted if there are more messages than can be shown!).

Overview shoutbox.png

Getting Started Info

This box displays information especially for new users of the Galaxytool. It can be loaded collapsed or can be completely disabled in the User options.

Overview first steps.png

Galaxytool plugin information

Here you see important information for the Galaxytool plugin. If you use at least Galaxytool plugin v2.6, a button is displayed, which lets you easily add the settings to the Galaxytool Plugin. For more information take a look at this page.

Overview plugin info.png


What can you see in here? Well, it is very simple. You can see how many logins there have been today and which users have logged in. Also you can see how many times there has been a log in (in total). It will look like:

Now online: X	
Today online: X	
Overall number of logins: XXX 

(At the place of the X there will be a number)

Version Check

You can also check for the newest version of Galaxytool (you can do this on any page on the Galaxytool). Just click on the version number at the top (like v4.8) and it will show the overview page, but this time in an update mode. When you check this once a week it should be enough.