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Search in Reports

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For a search request in reports, you need to modify each wanted field to a value greater than 0 to be included in the request.

If you have a 0 in every field, you will get no search results at all.

A value greater than 0 means, that at least this amount/level of ressources, ships or whatever is required to be included in the search results.

You can combine the fields to make complex search requests like planets with at least 100.000 metal and 100 cruisers.

Also a search for the biggest mines would be possible if you increase the required level each time, until you recieve no results.

You can restrict the search area to special systems to get only information about reports near your homeworld.

If you enter a number lower than 0 you will get all reports with at max this amount of units/resources. The sign will be ignored. So if you look up with -100 Cruisers you will get all reports with at max 100 cruisers.

You can search with playername or alliancename as well.

The results show all known data out of the reports. With the time shown (directly out of the report), you can imagine how old the report is. The results are sorted ascending by their coordinates. Another sort order is not implemented yet for database-performance reasons.

Report search.png

Use the Options.png button to expand or collaps the different search options.


If you choose the extended search button you will get a screen like this:


If you click on one of the columns you will sort all entries of the current page by this value. If you click the same column again, you reverse the sort order.