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Status of Database

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At this page, you can get some general information on your Galaxytool and your universe. For example you can find out how many players are in vacation mode, or how many planets are attackable. Besides you can find out the player with the most planets in your universe.


Galaxy overview

In this section you can easily look out for systems which are very old and might need an update. You can click on every system to get a galaxy view as you know it from OGame - just a little bit modified.

Holding your mouse over one system for a while provides you with information about the user and the date of the last update of the chosen system.

The dropdown menu at the top guides you to the other galaxies. The maximum galaxy number inserted in the datebase is the key for how many pages you can view. So if you have 19 galaxies (one german universe has 19), you have more entries than with a common universe with 9 galaxies.

The different colors are an indication of the age of each system to get a quick overview.

Reports and notices are excluded from the status view.