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Update v4.6

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Notes on the update v4.6

Important: The files attributes.php and config.php have their own directory now ('config'). Besides, the content of these files has changed. Therefore, it is better to create a copy of those two files, and copy the settings from the old files into the new ones.

On top of that, you should create a backup of the database before. After updating to 4.6 you shouldn't use mysqldumper but phpmyadmin to create database dumps, since mysqldumper doesn't export TRIGGERs in the current version (1.24).

Instead of overwriting all files, you should delete all the old files and upload the new files after that (some files became obsolete).

If you are user of the Bluetool: Please look at the following page . That is is the update of the Bluetool, which belongs to v4.6 of the Galaxytool and works only with that version. Please notice, that you have to execute another update.php for the Bluetool itself. For more information look at the corresponding link above.

After noting all the advice and uploading all new files you can execute the update.php as usual. More on this topic here.

Please note, that the Galaxytool requires PHP5 and MySQL5 from now on. If you would like to use the 'Historical Overview', you'll need PHP5.1. Besides, you need from MySQL v5.1.6 TRIGGER-rights at the database, before this version you need SUPER-rights.

Note: After the update on v4.6, the Galaxytool works only with the Firefox AddOn v2.4 or above. You should get this version automatically via AutoUpdate-function of Firefox. If that doesn't work, you can download the most recent version here.