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Update v4.8

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Notes on the update v4.8

If you update from v4.6 and below or it is the first time you apply an update to your Galaxytool, then you should also read this article - after that go on here:

Important: The file config.php contains a new table name for the new report archive feature. In order to update properly, make a backup of your old config.php-file and copy the settings of the old file into the new file. This way the new table name can't be forgotten.

The attributes.php-file didn't change, so you can simply take the old one.

Another important thing is to remove your old Galaxytool files completely and re-upload all files.

If you are user of the Bluetool: Please look at the following page . That is is the update of the Bluetool, which belongs to v4.8 of the Galaxytool. Please notice, that you may have to execute another update.php for the Bluetool itself. For more information look at the corresponding link above.

Before you start the update create a backup of the database. Use only phpmyadmin for this job. Mysqldumper will not copy the TRIGGERs.

After creating the database backup and uploading all the new files to your webspace, open the update.php with your browser, select the previous version of your Galaxytool and click on "Submit".

Note: After the update on v4.8, the Galaxytool works only with the Firefox AddOn v2.6 or above. You should get this version automatically via AutoUpdate-function of Firefox. If that doesn't work, you can download the most recent version here.

Note: After updating you may notice some issues viewing some pages. Please empty your browser cache in order to solve the problems.