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On this site you can delete inconsistencies (redundant or wrong data) and old information from your Galaxytool. Only users with the right 'maintenance' are allowed to access this site. To execute those scripts, just tick the box in front of the desired script(s) and click on 'Submit'. But be very carefully, the advice 'Attention: Run any of those scripts at your own risk! Most of them are deleting data.' should be taken literally! If you are unsure, create a backup, for example with phpmyadmin!

The following scripts are available:

Inconsistencies at the database

  • Planets at position 0 or greater than 15
  • Delete galaxies greater than x
  • Delete players without ogame playerid - leads to duplicate player entries (x / y)

- since v4.1 of galaxytool, there shouldn't occur such player entries

- should be executed, if the first number (here x) is greater than 0

  • Delete reports where no planet exists any more

- avoids, that in your Galaxytool espionage reports to non-exististing planets are displayed

  • Remove players who do not occur in any galaxy view

- this script should be executed regularly, because there are a lot of ogame accounts who are already deleted, but not in your Galaxytool database

- those player entries cause an incorrect calculation of the values 'Player statistics' and 'Players in Vacation mode' on the Overview

- besides, the player statistics in galaxytool are distorted, because two or more players are displayed on the same place


  • Reset Galaxytool (only user and ip table are not deleted)

- should only be executed in case you want to use the Galaxytool with another universe but all current users should keep their access

The following scripts should only be executed, if you think that your database size is too large. These scripts do not delete wrong data but only old data:

  • Delete player entries older than x days
  • Delete reports older than x days
  • Remove galaxy views which are older than x days
  • Remove player activities older than x days
  • Remove combat reports older x than days
  • Remove ingame messages older x than days