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Report Archive

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The report archive offers the opportunity to save and view older espionage reports of a planet/moon. To get to the report archive you have to view the recent espionage report for example in galaxy view or at the playerinformation page. Below the current espionage report, there is a link to the report archive for the shown planet or moon.

The shown espionage reports can be analyzed for example via charts. Besides the resources are coloured, if the storages for that resource are full (red) or almost full (yellow). In general, the report archive looks like this:

Report archive.png

Information, that has not been recorded, is marked with a No.png, while all other information is marked with Ok.png.

Show a single report

In case you want to view a single espionage report you simply have to click on the Magnifier2.png-symbol. Then, a pop-up will display the espionage report and some additional information. For example, the resources are also coloured here, if the storages are full. Besides, you can see information about the cargo capacity below the espionage report. The capacity is coloured red, if the amount of resources on the planet can't be lifted with that fleet. If there are Interplanetary Missiles on that planet, you'll see their attack range. For moon reports the phalanx range is shown, if a phalanx is on it. On top of that, there are links to Speedsim and Dragosim to simulate combat with this espionage report. The report pop-up looks like this:

Report archive popup.png

Show diagrams

You have also the possibility to analyze the data via diagrams. For that, you only have to mark one or more rows in the archive. You can do this by using your mouse and keyboard, the ctrl and shift keys will also work for that. After marking the lines, you can choose a chart type. Currently you can choose between AnnotatedTimeLine and LineChart. Finally you have to click on the Magnifier.png-symbol next to the chart type dropdown menu. For the AnnotedTimeLine, it could look like this:

Report archive diagram.png

Please note that AnnotatedTimeLine requires Flash. The AnnotatedTimeLine stretches the time axis correctly, so you can see for example, if the gained resources are from production or from a transport mission. The LineChart shows only the values, without correct stretching of the time axis.

Delete espionage reports

All users, who have the permission to delete things in Galaxytool, can see some checkboxes inside the report archive. If you want to delete one or more espioange reports, you simply have to tick the checkboxes of those reports and click on the Trash.png-button.