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Search in Database

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Here you can search within the whole galaxy database. The search capabilities are manifoldly.

Start screen

As you first enter the page you will see this:
Search db - 1.png

This is coming with the new version. There are now options to choose from when you are searching the database. When you are using only this you will get the names of the people that are in the alliance. Or the planets of the specific name. But there are advanced search options, too!

To show these options click one one of the orange symbols right under:
Search db - 2.png

Advanced rank search

Note: you can also search for debris fields in this search option.
Now it is time to search by somebody's rank. The page is looking like:
Search db - 3.png

As you can see there are many options. You can search by solar system, or by rank, or even by fleet rank. (Note: Research rank has nothing to do with your attacks, so that's why it is not included). You can set a minimum date for the last time the galaxy data has been updated. So you can search for targets that are not that old and you can know quite sure they are still the same.

You can also search the database for debris fields. This is very handy when you've got to many recyclers doing nothing. You can send them to a debris field to clean it. You can even set how large it must be before it is shown. This can be very useful when you need resources.

Search for planets, moons and even more!

You can open this window along with the other window (advanced search for ranks) open. It is looking like:
Search db - 4.png

Now as you can see you enter much information here. You can limit the search on planets that have moons or that have a notice in your Galaxy tool database. Even you can search for an empty planet where you can colonize a new planet. Very handy when you need a spot for a crash or just a planet.

When you want to attack somebody you can go for the player status. Is he inactive? Or is he a possible target? Inactive players may be good farms or something like that.

The last option is searching in your database for an alliance. You can set many options for this one. It is very handy when you are searching for an alliance you are in war with. So you can find their planets easily. The options are:

  • NAP
  • Allied
  • War
  • Boycott
  • Neutral
  • Own alliance
  • Wing

Wow, that are some options you can choose from. The last option is how many hits can be shown after the search (I recommend 20).

How must it look like?

Well, it is looking like:
Search db - 5.png

Well, when you are searching sometimes you want to search by names. And there is more then one name with the letter X. Then you can set here which one is first: the letter A or Z (ascending - descending). And the other options are actually the same.

Result of all searches

As a result you get information about: planet postions, moon and moon size (mouse over), debris field size, alliance name, player name, planet name, player status, date of the entry and an icon for notices and reports.

Search db - 6.png
(I have searched for Alliance tag: U.C)

If you click on a playername you will be forwared to the Playerinformation page.

If you click on an alliance name, you will be forwarded to the Alliance information page.