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Search in Notices

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Ok, you are on a search for a target. But you also want to know if somebody else of your galaxy tool has noticed something. Well, when he does he can type in a notice. And guess what? You can search for it. Well, it is easy with a picture to show:

Search notices - 1.PNG

How to use

Well, it is very easy. Just type the word you want to search for and hit search. It will go to search the database for that word. If it finds something it will show you the results (like shown above this text). If not it will say: 'no entries found'. And you will have to search for another word.

There is one notice for each player. So if you enter the notice for a player it will be visible at all planet of that player.

The words you should not search for are:

* and
* or
* are
* his
* mine

It will give you much notices and you will not find the correct one you are searching for.


If you are searching for a ship, type:

* battleship
* shipyard
* cruiser

You should keep that in mind if you search in notices.

If you click on the playername you will be forwared to the Playerinformation page.