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Toolbar Frequently Asked Questions

Toolbar Remains in "Status: Galaxy x:xxx:x Found"

When showing a galaxy, the toolbar shows "Status: Galaxy x:xxx:x Found" and does not progress to "Status: Galaxview x:xxx:x Updated". The galaxyview is not updated into the galaxy database.

Possible Cause

The Foxgame plugin in Firefox is also installed and its settings disables the Galaxytoolbar updates.

Possible Solution (Example Foxgame 1.4.8)

  • Go to Firefox 2 menu [Tools].[Add-ons]
  • In the section "Extensions", select Foxgame plugin.
  • Press the button [Options]
  • In tab "General I", un-tick box "Reduced Galaxy view"
  • In tab "Databases", un-tick all boxes (starting with "Add buttons..")
  • Press button [Ok]
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