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Toolbar usage (Chrome)

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Version 2.6.*

First of all, you have to define the correct setting for your universe/Galaxytool. To do this, simply log on to your OGame account. You should see a new symbol in the left menu:


Click on it, and the settings will open. Now you have to click on "Galaxytools" to unfold the settings:

Toolbar options tools.png

First of all, you have to add one new tool by clicking on that button. After that, you should paste your Galaxytool URL and your logon key into the fields for them. You can find those information on the overview page of your Galaxytool. For old Galaxytools, there is also the possibility to store username/password, but it is not recommended for Galaxytools from v4.8 and upwards.

Finally you can push the "Check"-Button, if you like. It will check all your settings and a green dot will appear above the button if everything is fine. If an error occurs, you'll get detailed information about what is wrong, and the colour of the dot will become yellow or red. Yellow means that the Galaxytool URL is correct but another problem occured -- for example a possible error with your username or password.
Please note that the Galaxytool URL and username/password are only checked with version 4.7 of the Galaxytool. With v4.6, only the Galaxytool URL is checked and the version of the Galaxytool is received. With v4.5.4 and below, only the Galaxytool URL is checked but nothing else.
A red dot means that the connection to your Galaxytool could not be established.

If you would like to add some more Galaxytool accounts, simply repeat the steps. It is possible to add an infinite number of Galaxytool accounts. The Add-On can send information from this universe to more than one Galaxytool.

As you can see, for every Galaxytool account you can specify which information is sent. Please note that the setting "Submit also the contents of player messages" is turned off by default. If you would like to use the message archive in Galaxytool (from v4.7 only), you will have to enable that setting.

If you would like to delete one Galaxytool, just select it in the drop-down menu and click on "Delete".

Please notice that all changed information (added/deleted tools, changed settings) will be saved when you click on "OK". New changes are undone by reloading the OGame page.

General settings

Toolbar options status window.png

Status Window

Here you can define how the status window is shown with CSS styles. For example you can replace left with right, so the window would be displayed on the right side of OGame instead on the left side. You can also set the position of the status window inside the iframe pages of OGame (e.g. opened player messages). This is an extra setting because otherwise if the status window is positioned on the left side of a message it would hide information like subject or sender.

Debug Mode

The debug output contains information which can help support staff to help you with possible problems. To get a debug output, you have to enable the check-box "Show debug information" in the settings

If you try to upload something after you enabled that option, the status window change to look like the next 2 examples.

How it looks like with the most recent version of Galaxytool:

Debug mode on xml.png

How it looks with an older Galaxytool (v4.5.4 or below):

Debug mode on.png

Copy the text into a Paste-bin.

Do not copy the debug output directly into the IRC support chat window, you may be disconnected for unintentional flooding!
Do not forget to change your password. After that, give the link to a support helper when he asks for it.
Once the problem has been solved, you can disable the Debug mode again.

Status Window

As soon as the Add-On finds something to upload, a status window appears and shows what information was sent. Some examples:

Galaxy found.png -> Galaxy uploaded.png

Stats found.png -> Stats uploaded.png

Tech page found.png -> Reports transfered.png

Reports page found.png -> Reports transfered.png

Message found.png -> Message updated.png

Short cr found.png -> Short cr updated.png

Important: The OGame window needs to be completely loaded for the Add-On to recognize relevant data.

Submitting espionage reports

From v2.5 and upwards, espionage reports are submitted automatically. Enable the option "Show full spy report" in the OGame options so several espionage reports can be sent simultaneously. The Add-On will only send unread espionage reports.

If you need to submit old espionage reports, you can do this via click on the button in the message section:
Submit reports.png

Submitting fleet movements

The Add-On will submit Phalanx reports automatically if the option is enabled for that Galaxytool.

If you you want to submit your own fleet movements, you have to open the eventList (It does not work with the eventList generated by COgame, so you have to open the OGame eventList additionally).
After that, you can submit the fleet movements manually via click on the icon in the eventList header.
Finally you should see a notice in the status window that the information has been sent.

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