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Toolbar compatibility

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works completely


works completely

OGame Commander

works completely

Deprecated Tools


If you enable several buttons at the FoxGame extension you may experience problems during upload of data. ( like for example the extra buttons for the FoxGame database features )

Disable any buttons at the galaxyview, statistics, alliance overview and reports at your foxgame settings. To do this, go to foxgame settings and disable all radiobuttons at the "Databases" tab.

It seems as if there are problems with FoxGame 2.0 Beta, so if you don't see any status window, please deactivate FoxGame 2.0 Beta for testing purposes.


We recommend disabeling Neogame all together. In some configuarations it may help to enable reduced galaxyview. Since the new design of Ogame will most likely result in Neogame being redesigned or abandoned, there is no need for us to write a workaround for this old tool.

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