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User management

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Here you can change the permissions and the username/password of a user of the Galaxytool. The Email adress can only be changed by the user itself at the User options page. Besides it is possible on this page to delete users.

The skin path has to be a correct URL. If you want to use a local skin, you'll need a local webserver.



User is allowed to search in the database.

View Espionage Reports

User is allowed to view espionage reports

Historical Overview

Allows the user to see the page Historical Overview

View Stats

User is allowed to view the Stats page of the Galaxytool

Fleet movements

User is allowed to see fleet movements at the page or from the Galaxyview of the Galaxytool

Player activities

The Activities Tab at the player information page is visible for the user


The user is allowed to upload all kind of data with the Firefox AddOn


User is allowed to delete things in the Galaxytool

Change Diplomatic status

Allows this player to change the status of other alliances within the Galaxytool

User management

The user can give permissions at this page.

Galaxytool maintenance

the user is allowed to execute all the admin scripts from the Administration page. Warning: Be very careful with this permission. There is also a script on this page to reset the whole Galaxytool!


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